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Coda 11-12-2014 02:46 PM

Tesla's Artificial Demand?
Scarcity sells things plain and simple fact. Is Tesla sitting on inventory to intensify the persuasion process?


According to Merrill’s estimates, Tesla could have “approximately 3K vehicles stocked in inventory or in transit,” the brokerage house writes in a research note distributed to clients. Merrill maintains an “underperform on Tesla.” In the euphemistic world of research notes, this translates to “sell as long as there still are greater fools around.”
Interestingly there actually may not be as many buyers queuing as Mr.Musk would have us believe...


Tesla’s recent extremely attractive lease offers, along with the fabled 3-month happiness guarantee, gives further credence to the suspicion that buyers of electric Tesla cars are not as eager as they were said to be. Musk swore that the lease savings come out of the bank’s profits, and not out of Tesla’s hide. Tesla may be different than the rest of the auto industry, but in the rest of the auto industry, a happiness guarantee means that not everybody is happy, and that attractive leases are discounts in drag. If people are really lining up to buy, ask more money, not less. In the rest of the auto industry, mind you.
I qon't call it a hit piece, but some of the Teslarati will probably feel so...


” What little money Tesla is making comes from selling regulatory credits, not from selling cars, the research note says, and it continues: “Tesla has found it challenging to earn money on its vehicles, which could ultimately prove to be the biggest risk for the company and the pure electric vehicle market at large.”

DWMTM 11-13-2014 07:08 PM

Interesting piece, really makes you pause and really think through tesla.

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